This Woman Was Given A Week To Live But Survive Thanks To A Guyanese Woman

Aug 5, 2014
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Imagine being told by doctors that you have a week to live. The odds are against you because you live in a country (Guyana) where there are no neurosurgeons and your only other option, doctors in nearby Jamaica and Trinidad, are too busy to take your case.

Well a young Guyanese woman, Melissa Williams, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, experienced this stressful period recently.

Thanks to a fellow Guyanese, Dr. Nadia Ramdin who lives in the United States and volunteers in Guyana, Melissa is still alive. Dr. Ramdin was visiting Guyana and heard about Melissa’s story. She quickly connected Melissa to a neurosurgeon at Maine Medical Center and today Melissa is on the road to recovery.

It is easy to feel angry about the lack of proper healthcare and availability of life saving resources in Guyana but let’s save that for another time.

Rather than being angry, let’s recognize Dr. Nadia Ramdin’s dedication and patriotism. She not only helped to save the life of a fellow Guyanese but also shows that success doesn’t mean that you have to forget where you coming from.

I hope Melissa continues on her road to full recovery and I want to say well done Dr Nadia Ramdin.

Woman from Guyana receives life-saving brain surgery at Maine Med say Melissa Williams of Guyana had only about a week to live when she arrived in Maine. Woman from Guyana receives life-saving brain surgery at Maine Med

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