This Young Man From A Small Community in Guyana, Is An Inspiration

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There are many young aspiring entrepreneurs across the Caribbean. The majority of them will never be featured in the mainstream media. They live ordinary lives but their stories are extraordinary, like Pramanand Jagdish from Guyana.

Thanks to a Guyanese youtube channel, we can share Jagdish’s story. He is a young entrepreneur residing in Crabwood Creek, Corentyne Berbice and his story reflects the challenges that many young encounter throughout the Caribbean.

Despite being handicapped, Jagdish aspires to be a successful entrepreneur. With the support of his family, Pramanand  is selling icicle.

Watch the video below as Jagdish or popularly known as “Icicle Boy” shares his story.

While this might come across as trivial to many, the fact that this young man can confidently say,

“My name is Pramanand Jagdish and I am an entrepreneur”

is a strong statement and an inspiration to others.

Tisha Ricketts

Born and raised in Freeport Bahamas, I am a lover of Caribbean life and all things equal. I believe that someday, the Caribbean will come together as one nation

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