Update: Help Is On The Way, A Guyanese Mother’s Plea To Save Her Child is HEARD

Nov 10, 2014
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Not every sad story must come to a sad ending and although this is just the beginning, the story of Felisha Melvin, 22 year old mother from Guyana is proof that people in the Caribbean care for each other.

Two weeks ago we posted the story of Felisha Melvin whose baby boy, Emannie was born with what is being called “exposed brain” (the exact medical issue has not been confirmed). In a video interview conducted by HGPTV, a Guyanese Cable TV Channel, Felisha made a passionate plea to save her child. At that moment it seems all hope was lost.

We also experienced the best of the Caribbean as people from across the Caribbean expressed their sympathy and support for the mom. Our readers even sent recommendations including phone contacts and hospitals who could potentially carry out this medical operation.

Here are a few of the comments posted on our page

“I met this young mother today in the bus and lives in my village my heart goes out for her she is getting the royal run around in this country so i wish u guys can help her,we in the bus started helping her before she could finish telling what was wrong with her sweet little baby”

“This is a mother’s cry. Lord our love for your child is unconditional. I pray that God will grant you all the help u need for this child. In Jesus mighty name I declare all will be available for this child”

“God bless you people I really appreciate and respect seeing the effort so many strangers are putting in to help this child …… If there’s anything I can do ,please let me know so I can do my part”

Here is the full interview carried by HGPTV
[youlist vid=”G2N1Vt8DHNk” showinfo=”0″]

Now finally thanks to the Guyana Times also featuring the story, a Canadian organisation, the Caribbean Children Foundation (TCCF) has stepped forward to help.


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