Warning If You Steal A Bicycle In Guyana This Could Happen To You

Apr 30, 2014
1 min read
Guyanese man caught stealing padlocked

Relax the man you see in the image lying on the ground is alive and judging from this video he seems comfortable except that his feet are padlocked.

[youlist vid=”FFTUDl2uoAs” showinfo=”0″]

Welcome to street justice in Georgetown Guyana. Apparently citizens took it upon themselves to administer their own form of justice after the man was accused of stealing a bicycle. These incidents, if reported at all, get one or two lines in the Guyanese newspapers and are quickly forgotten.

But here is the burning question, Where were the Guyanese police? In the meantime street justice will be served by citizens who seems to have developed their own solution to the growing crime problem in Guyana.

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