What Is Your Ideal Guyana? Hear What This Guyanese Man Thinks

What Is Your Ideal Guyana? Hear What This Guyanese Man Thinks 1
Kwesi Luke
Kwesi Luke

Kwesi Luke, a Guyanese national living in the US, once again asked another important question about Guyana. His latest video asked the simple but difficult question, what is the ideal Guyana?

I think most Guyanese believe there is a gap between an ideal Guyana and the real Guyana. However, it is a difficult topic for most Guyanese to discuss. But it seems the first step is to actually talk about the real Guyana and try to at least narrow the gap.

[youlist vid=”WR1rDlHK42A,r1iotWcmrTo”]

Kwesi touched on various issues related to challenges now facing Guyana. Obviously there are no quick fixes to make Guyana an ideal place but the first step could be Guyanese deciding on what they are willing to accept.

We all know that most Guyanese are not satisfy with the state of the country today. But how is accountable? Is it the politicians or Guyanese citizens? Better roads and infrastructure, a clean environment, better healthcare and jobs are not big things to ask for. These are what a modern society accepts as norm. Let’s start there!

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