In Haiti, This Man Is A HERO to Thousands for Bringing Clean Water To His Home Village

Mar 24, 2017
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From 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each weekday, Josue Lajeunesse is one of Princeton University’s 220 Building Services janitors. But off campus, Lajeunesse is a taxi driver, a father, a philanthropist and a community organizer.

In Haiti, he’s a hero to thousands for bringing clean water to his home village of La Source.

In an interview a couple years ago Lajeunesse said,

” Some people close their eyes to what’s going on in front of them. But if God gave me the knowledge and the view to see these things, then I need to go back and help those people who cannot help themselves.”

Lajeunesse was born in Haiti as the youngest of four children. His mother passed away when he was a young boy and he grew up close to his father, a farmer. Lajeunesse served in the military in Haiti and moved to the United States in 1989, ultimately settling in the Princeton area because a friend from Haiti was living here.

It is easy to understand why this man is a hero..truly amazing!

Story curated from ‘Life’s wisdom in unlikely places’: Documentary features University janitor’s efforts to help others’

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