Meet Cathiana, An Aspiring Young Filmmaker in Haiti

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Cathiana is an aspiring young filmmaker in Haiti. Though her home is hardly thought of as a hot bed of the film industry, she has a dream of becoming a director and takes steps towards her goal by participating in New York’s Ghetto Film School MasterClass via a Google+ Hangout. Cathiana attended her first class Hangout with just her laptop and when the electricity went out in her remote village, a flashlight to light her face.

Hearing her tentatively pitched the film she wanted to make to director Lee Daniels and watching her react to his encouraging words “I want to make this movie” was a cool confidence boost for her as a budding filmmaker. Katiana has such a passion to direct that when we see her later with her mother, there’s a really nice moment when she says that one of the reasons she wants to succeed is to make her mom proud.

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