NFL Star Pierre Garçon is Making A Positive Impact In His Family’s Homeland of Haiti

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Pierre Andre Garçon is an American football wide receiver for the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers but he is more than just a football player.

Garçon was born in Carmel, New York but his family came from Haiti. The family moved to Greenacres, Florida, where they lived in a mixed community of Haitian families, other immigrants and fourth generation Americans.

As a kid, Garçon and those around him were heavily influenced by the Haitian culture. That perhaps explains why he didn’t know which one of his friends was a Haitian or not. While his family adapted to American society and speak English, he felt a strong bond to Haiti.

In this video Garçon shares story and explains why he has become that kind and caring person off the football field.

It was this strong bond with the Haitian people that led him to do so much for his family’s country. Most people around Garçon would agree that he has had a huge impact off the field of football because of the work that he has done in Haiti. Apart from his numerous trips to Haiti to help, Garçon started a foundation known as Helping Hands. The mission of his organization is to bring education, health and community programs to Haiti.

About Pierre Garçon Helping Hands Foundation
The Pierre Garçon Helping Hands Foundation was officially founded in June of 2010 but was first conceived long before. The foundation was started by Haitian-American Football player Pierre Garçon who’s family hails from Leogene, Haiti a town near Port au Prince. The Foundation’s efforts were greatly affected and influenced by the earthquake of January 12, 2010. While the idea for a foundation had been a long-time coming, the need for immediate assistance, awareness and hope pushed Pierre’s cause and fundraising efforts into full speed. Pierre also recognized first-hand the need for sustainable aid and assistance programs throughout the country that would last long-after disaster relief efforts ceased. Currently the Pierre Garçon Helping Hands Foundation is establishing relationships with organizations that are looking to give Haitians a new beginning by developing shelter, establishing education and providing hope.

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