How A Son of Haitian Immigrants Became Head of Design for Chrysler

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Born in New York City to Haitian immigrants and raised in Montreal, Quebec,  Ralph Gilles is one of the top car designers in the world.

Before that, he was the President and CEO of Chrysler’s SRT brand and Senior Vice President of Design at Chrysler. Gilles, 47, styled the North American Car of the Year-winning 2005 Chrysler 300 after joining Chrysler in 1992 and also led the design team that created the 2014 SRT Viper. Gilles attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, and in 2002 received an Executive MBA from Michigan State University.

At an early age, Gilles started to design concept vehicles but through his early adult years struggle to find a sense of direction. Although he is now recognized across the globe as a leading car designer, his journey is an inspiration for many Haitian immigrants.

Watch as Gilles talks about failure and how to pick up the pieces.

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