Watching This Little Haitian Girl Smile and Play Will Warm Your Heart

Watching This Little Haitian Girl Smile and Play Will Warm Your Heart 1

Jerrensia is such a beautiful little girl, with a broad smile that would light up any room. Born in Haiti, Jerrensia had to endure years of physical therapy and finally a decision was made to amputate her legs.

It seems sad and heart broken for a young child to endure all that pain. What seems obvious from reading the first few lines of her story, is a feeling of pity for this Haitian girl. But what makes Jerrensia’s story truly inspiring to me is bright spirit and positive outlook on life. She laugh, play and enjoy her world like most “normal” child would do.

Let’s watch a video of Jerrensia playing and interacting with her family.

The video documents how Jerrensia moves, plays and gets around before the surgery. Most importantly, it capture the scars on her knees which show how her Haiti mother tried to help Jerrensia when she was just an infant. This is unheard of for a Haitian mother to do… many mothers would have just cast the child aside or left them with an orphanage to deal with. It was incredibly important to the Kroll parents (the host family) to show Jerrensia how she was loved by her Haitian mommy.

And who wouldn’t love this child. Here is a photo of Jerrensia when she was a baby

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