18-Year-Old Jamaican Immigrant accepted to 6 Ivy League Universities

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Jamaal Willis

Six Ivy League Schools accepted a Jamaican immigrant teen who now lives in California. In total 16 universities accepted the Barstow High School senior.

Jamaal Willis defied the odd, a first-generation Jamaican immigrant who comes from a low-income household just four years ago from Jamaica.

Jamaal Willis

It was an honor to meet Sathvik Nori and Jamaal Willis, two impressive young public servants who were selected to represent California for this year’s U.S. Senate Youth Program. They represent the best CA has to offer, and I can’t wait to see what they do in the years ahead.

Senator Padilla

The 6 Ivy League schools were Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Duke, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Georgetown, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Cornell, UVA, UC San Diego, Chapman University, University of Oregon and Penn State.

The Jamaican Immigrant Was Elated

Willis decided to select Harvard University which was his top choice. He captured the moment he learned he was accepted to Harvard.

The acceptance message said: “Welcome to Harvard!”

Video Courtesy of Jamaican Bumble Bees

Willis was a high achiever with the following key accomplishments.

  • represented California in the US Senate Youth Program 59th year in March
  • captain of the school’s capital of the mock trial, speech, and discussion squad
  • track and field team captain
  • the volleyball team’s founder and captain

In an interview with KABC TV Eyewitness News, Will said that NYU and Northwestern just rejected him.

His mother, Tanya Distant Gulbourne was delighted and overjoyed by the news of several university acceptances.


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