A Jamaican Couple Decided To Take A Risk In Life and Change Their Careers

Jun 10, 2015
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Monica and Anthony Taylor, originally from Jamaica, decided to take a risk in life and change their careers. The couple who has been living in Croydon, London for many years now, opened their restaurant called CaribSoul last month. Their idea was to combine Caribbean and African American soul food. Their motivation to taking this big step was that they would be the first ones to have a restaurant in the UK which offers that selection.

Tony has been a financial adviser and has wide experience in business administration, and Monica is a marketing expert. They believe that with both their business backgrounds, that this would be a good foundation to the success of their business. CaribSoul was opened on March 15th.

Their dishes range from traditional Caribbean dishes such as curried goat, jerk chicken, rice and peas and oxtail. Customers will also be able to enjoy a menu of American soul food including jambalaya, catfish and meatloaf.

Monica and Tony are being supported by chef Mamma Cheri, who became famous on Gordon Ramsay’s TV cooking programmes.

Tony said: “I don’t think Caribbean food has been served well in Croydon and we want to bring something different which will mean better quality.” And while there will be a takeaway service and a coffee shop serving world famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, the restaurant will have seating for 60 to 70 people, providing what Anthony describes as “a sit-down dining experience showcasing the food which has not be available in Croydon before”.

Tony said: “We wanted to do something we would both enjoy, there is not much enjoyment in financial services; it is a very serious business.

“This is going to be a business which brings us close to people, it is about service and making the customer happy. That is going to be very fulfilling.”

Monica added: “We want people to come in and have a wonderful experience every time.

“We want to bring a family feel to the restaurant and will be employing women as well as male chefs.

“If you ask anyone they will also tell you their mother’s cooking was the best and we hope to create that kind of atmosphere.”

So if ever you’re in Croydon, look up CaribSoul and pay Tony and Monica a visit. Be sure to try their exquisite cuisine.

Keysha Pierre

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