Against All Odds-From a Little Garrison Boy in Kingston Jamaica To A University Graduate

Oct 30, 2018
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Ardo Spaulding was born in one of the toughest inner city communities in Kingston, Jamaica with the odds already stacked against him.

Spaulding’s story is powerful and inspirational. Here are some of the highlights;

  • He did GSAT and was sent to a school that according to CXC rankings was one of the 10 worst in the island-worse odds.
  • At 13 his mother a single parent was killed, leaving him alone and penniless.
  • In the same year at just 13 years old, he started selling toothbrush, shoes brush and polish down town.
  • The vending/hustling sent him all the way through Donald Quarrie high school where he received 8 CXC subjects.
  • The same toothbrush, shoes brush and polish would send him through Pre-University where he would pass all his Cape subjects in one year.
  • Then on to UWI where after consistent attempts he landed a summer job that would not let him go and would provide the much needed assistance to complete his studies.

And this is what Ardo Spaulding wrote in a Facebook post

“What’s the story behind this pic? The journey started many years ago through a single promise I made to my mom. However, has life would have it, she wasn’t able to see the fulfillment of that definite promise.

But I honestly know she’s looking down on her “Professor” smiling with joy in her heart. Mommy this was definitely for you. Your morals, principles and teachings are forever embedded within my soul to pass on to the generation I’ll create so you’ll live forever and always”


Congratulations Ardo Spaulding, you are a true champion and a fighter.

Thanks to Georgia Crawford Facebook Post that also brought this story to our attention.

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