Anita Antoinette Fearon is More Than Just A Jamaican-Born Voice Contestant

Anita Antoinette Fearon is More Than Just A Jamaican-Born Voice Contestant 1

Do you know Anita Antoinette Fearon? She is current a contestant on the popular TV show Voice.  Anita Antoinette Fearon was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and is the daughter of reggae icon Clinton Fearon.

Over the past week there have been a lot of discussions related to the lack of support for Anita in comparison to the huge support for Tessanne Chin who end up winning Season 5 of the Voice.

I must admit that I have only recently begun to pay attention to Anita and the same can be said for many of my Jamaican friends. Some even ask “Anita who? There are many reasons why many of us didn’t pay attention and those reasons have now been discussed at lengths.

Here is what Anita had to say in an interview with the Jamaica Gleaner when asked about some negative comments that she received,

“There are people who will always be like that – not everybody will like you – but that doesn’t change who I am or where I’m going,” she said. “Besides, the support and the love I have been shown thus far have been so heart-warming, it’s overwhelming.”

It’s also easy to compare Anita to Tessanne; they are Jamaicans, Voice contestants and talented singers. But they are different, different background, age, singing style all shaping their musicality.

Here are a couple of videos of Anita that shows her unique talent
[youlist vid=”iK4y0clZNEU,ErkpGBMxJyE,RoTCS9fucRk”]

Neither Anita nor Tessanne should be define as just Voice contestants. They can both stand on their own

Respect due to Tessanne Chin for coming forward in full support of Anita, she obviously knows how important this competition is for Anita.

So whether you vote for Anita or not in the Voice competition, in the words of media personality Nikki Z, who has been one of Antoinette’s supporters since her blind auditions;

 “She has what it takes to reach any goal she sets for herself. Whether she wins ‘The Voice’ or not, people will be hearing about her for years to come”