Another First By This Inspirational and Positive Jamaican Woman

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We have shared several stories about Caribbean people who have risen to the challenge and overcome all odds. Some of these stories we owe to a strong Jamaican woman who is passionate about children and the plight of young people in Jamaica.

She needs no introduction to the Jamaican public but I think the wider Caribbean should know this young woman. So for those who don’t know her, let me introduce you to Emprezz Golding, a Jamaican woman with many titles but more so with a love for contributing to positive change.

Emprezz Golding is a Television host, Entrepreneur, Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Youth Advocate, Adolescent Programme Director, Broadcaster and Television Executive. And last but not least she is a mother.

Sharing Issues Affecting Jamaican Youths
Her show Talk Up Yout, a nationally televised talk show– is one of the few platforms designed to share adolescent views on issues affecting young Jamaicans. This is the first how that I am personally aware of that was developed to share and discuss issues that are unique to Jamaican youth.

One story we shared here on MyCaribbeanScoop, “Abandoned and Told She Was Worthless But Yashorna Has Proved Them Wrong“, touched the hearts of many of our readers. Empress created a platform where young people like Yashorna can share their life stories and be an inspiration to others.

Watch as she shares her dream of Jamaica

Taking Up Children Rights
But she isn’t done yet. She is on another venture. Emprezz and her husband Steven Golding has created Jamaica’s first fun animated puppet series –Ackee Walk.

Ackee Walk is set in a family-oriented community in Jamaica, teaching children about their rights and responsibilities and designed for preschoolers ages 0-6 years. The show is in its early stage with the production of its first season of 26 episodes. Each episode is 6 minutes in length and are currently airing on Television Jamaica on Saturdays at 10:30 am. Ackee Walk’s Season is funded by UNICEF Jamaica.

Here is a clip from one of the recent episodes.

Again living up to her goal to empower young Jamaicans, Ackee Walk also employs young people ages 14 to 22 who have provided input on the production of this show.

We encourage you to watch selected episodes and provide feedback to the producers of Ackee Walk.


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