Bring Back Our Old Jamaica Says This Jamaican Man [VIDEO]

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Most Jamaicans home and abroad love Jamaica no matter how much they complain about the problems facing the country. But I have never heard someone plead for Jamaica of yesterday as this Jamaican man, Wayne ” GreatWall ” Fletcher.

He is asking all Jamaicans to bring back Jamaica to the days of “Glory”. He says if we go back to the past Jamaica where Jamaicans look out for each other, we would be a better country. As he pleads his case for a more united Jamaica, he makes the case for the greatness of the Jamaican people.

I agree with Wayne ” GreatWall ” Fletcher, even though I am in my 30’s, I remember some of that old time Jamaica. My mother keeps reminding me that when she was child, all these bad things happening in Jamaica would never take place. Most Jamaicans would keep an eye on their neighbour’s house, protect little children and old people.

Children had manners and respected adults. While many people were poor, they didn’t blame poverty on bad behaviours.

Today’s Jamaica has gone a long way and although we seem to have more “material” things, it seems we have lost part of what’s unique and great about Jamaica.

You can check out Wayne ” GreatWall ” Fletcher Youtube Page below

Moses Jameson

Moses is a Jamaican and loves Reggae Music. He loves sharing his experiences about the Caribbean Culture.

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