Canadian Farmer Visits His Jamaican Workers in Jamaica-Watch His Experience

Mar 20, 2016
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Kingsley Cockett, a Jamaican temporary farm worker and Josh Oulton, a Canadian Farmer from Nova Scotia, real lives are miles apart.

But there is a common bond that brings them together!

Josh decided to visit Jamaica. His experience provided him with a better understanding of what life is like back home for his Jamaican workers who work for part of the year on his farm in Nova Scotia. He also took the time to lend a helping hand and for a short while he was walking in their shoes.

This story carried on recently illustrates the common bond that people from different background, share.

“It’s kind of neat to be transported from our life that we know in Canada to this life, and I see that difference.” Oulton says (in an interview with CBC).

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Oulton hires temporary foreign workers from the Caribbean country for eight months every year. Some have been coming to his farm in the Annapolis Valley for a decade.

Many of the Jamaicans hired by Oulton have their own farms back home and Oulton helps out during his visit. If yams need planting, Oulton grabs a shovel and gets to work. It’s a relationship the Canadian farmer is interested in cementing.

“Almost every person in our community [leaves to work],” noted Grant-Cockett. “All of the men travel, some to Canada, some to America, every lady we call ourselves the single ladies.”

Curated from Nova Scotian farmer gets to know temporary foreign workers in their homeland – Nova Scotia – CBC News

Kwame Samuels

Kwame Samuels was born and raised in Negril Jamaica. He currently resides in Toronto Canada where he works fulltime in the field of market research. Kwame is a avid soccer fan and listen to Roots Reggae everyday

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