Daggering at the Dancehall Keeps on Going

Apr 2, 2014
1 min read
Jamaican Dance Style Daggering

Daggering is a Jamaican form of dance that incorporates sexual movements and heavy physical activity. For those seeing it for the first time it may come across as “dry humping” or “Dry Sex”. However, some people link this style of dance to violence with a direct link to Jamaican dancehall culture.
Warning the video below contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing

[youlist vid=”82DCSJGDBMs” showinfo=”0″]

But whether you love or hate Daggering, it is remarkable how long this dance has been around. Even though the Jamaican government went as far as calling for a ban on “Daggering”, it continues to be one of the most popular Jamaican dance styles today. Daggering loaded dancehall videos are still popular both online and in local video stores.

Some of the concerns related to Daggering are tied to the perception that Daggering is a reflection of the rise in violence and lack of respect for women in Jamaica. Whether or not you believe that this is true, you cannot deny the fact that this dance style is not going away, at least for now. A video of Usain Bolt daggering at the 2014 Trinidad Carnival is one of the proofs that this Jamaican dance remains popular among celebrities and ordinary people.

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