Every Minute of Yaneek Page’s 30 minute Interview is Worth Watching

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Words have the power to make you think, make you take action, perhaps even quit your job and take a stab at changing the world.

I want to share an interview that I came across on The Innovators Tv show Youtube channel with Jamaican social entrepreneur Yaneek Page.

Yaneek talks about the importance of confidence, challenges that she faced in high school, the impact of her parents divorce and her birth of her entrepreneurial spirit. But the words that connected with me personally was her quote,

Yaneek Page
Yaneek Page
“If You Build Yourself You Can Build Almost Anything”

I felt throughout this 30-min interview that Page truly opened up and shared her story, in a genuine way. You can sense her life journey, her pain and the key points in her life where things could have taken a turn for the worst. But Page overcame those hurdles and throughout the lows in her life there have been many highs. Those highs and lows are what I think makes her story inspiring.

She is a wife (married for 12 years), a mother of two boys and great example of young people in terms of how to seek a positive relationship.

Here is the full interview below

More About Yaneek Page
Yaneek Page is the Country Director for Caribbean Markets and a social entrepreneur. She is the founder and managing director of Future Services International, the pioneers of legal funding and enterprise risk management in the Caribbean.

Yaneek was an awardee of the prestigious Gleaner/PSOJ 50UnderFifty awards which honoured business leaders under fifty years old shaping Jamaica’s future. She has received numerous other awards including Female Business Leader of the Year and Nation Builder award in the category Women in Business.

[Source: Weconnectinternational.org ]

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