Find Out Why This Man Wants To Change The Lives of These Jamaican Kids

Oct 7, 2014
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What makes a man living in Canada think about the well- being of Jamaican kids living in a small town thousands of miles away?

What if this man’s father who taught him about the importance of giving, comes from a rural community in Jamaica where today children do without basic infrastructure and services that are available in urban communities across Jamaica?

davidMeet David, born in Canada to a Jamaican father, who knows that beyond Jamaica’s beautiful beaches or busy city streets lies communities where people live without even the basics. He knows from the smiles and appreciation his father received from people in these small communities when he gave what he could, when he could, that Jamaicans are survivors but a little help goes a far way. That’s why David has made a promise to kids in Prospect, a small hillside community in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, that he would help.

Here is a short video clip showing David in the community and his interaction with the children from Prospect.
[youlist vid=”SZRy80tL9fw” showinfo=”0″]

gogetfundingWith full funding, David’s project will build the first ever park and provide soccer balls, skipping ropes, library books and computers for the Prospect Elementary school. Funds will also be allocated to children whose parents cannot afford uniforms and text books.

Here is what David had to say:

Let’s just say there’s no way I can do this alone. I made a promise to the school I would do what I can; hence, this fundraiser. Give what you can. Any amount is better than no amount. At the very least share the fundraiser to your friends to help raise awareness.Thank you all so much in advance for even taking the time to read my message.

To donate offline please contact David at

Even if you cannot donate money, you can help David fulfill his promise to the children and community of Prospect by sharing this story.

Here are a few photos of life in Prospect

Play Ground
Play Ground
After School Meal
After School Meal


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