He Was Born Prematurely and Abandoned By His Parents in Jamaica, Now Living His Dream

Jul 24, 2015
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If you look at this young athlete who was born in Jamaica, you would never guess how far he has come or what makes him so special.

Alberto Campbell-Staines now 21, was born prematurely. At just three months old, he was sent to a Jamaican government orphanage in Kingston.

Alberto suffered malnutrition which led to brain damage, a condition that classifies him as a para athlete. But there is more to this young man’s story.

At 9 years old Alberto met Australian couple, Julie-Anne and Paul Staines who were teachers at the Jamaica School for The Blind and Disabled.

9 yearold alberto
Alberto Campbell-Staines at 9

This was a life changing experiencing for both Alberto and his soon to be parents. The couple adopted Alberto and returned to Australia. A new life, in a new country far away from Jamaica began for this young Jamaican boy who did not know his birth parents. But since then Julie-Anne and Paul Staines have raised Alberto as their own child.

Watch the video below for more on Alberto’s story.

Although Alberto is now an Australian citizen, he still remains deeply connected to his Jamaican roots. His life story is an inspiration to all. His story shows the power of unconditional love.

Thank you Julie-Anne and Paul Staines for showing what it really means to be a parent. Job well done.

Alberto is working hard to represent Australia at the World Championships in Doha in October and he is also hoping to be there for his country in the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

Here is Alberto Campbell-Staines in a recent video

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