Would Jamaica Be A Better Place If More Jamaicans Were Religious?

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According to the Jamaican 2011 Census produced by Statistical Institute of Jamaica, just over 2 million Jamaicans had some religious affiliation, that’s almost 80% of the total Jamaican population.

Jamaica is considered one of the most religious countries in the world. In fact there is even this claim that there are more churches per square mile in Jamaica than any other country.

Many Jamaicans will say there is no better place than Jamaica. But I, like many Jamaicans know that we have a lot of problems, crime, poverty and corruption and the list goes on and on.

But what if we had more religious conscious persons in Jamaica, would that solve our problems?

Or Am I being too Naïve

Or Maybe We Need More Love and Less Religion!

Kwame Samuels

Kwame Samuels was born and raised in Negril Jamaica. He currently resides in Toronto Canada where he works fulltime in the field of market research. Kwame is a avid soccer fan and listen to Roots Reggae everyday

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