Jamaican Karim Barton-His Mother’s Death, His Father’s Abandonment, All Scars But He Has The Will To Succeed

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Jamaican Karim Barton is a 6-foot-3, 313-pound. His journey is an inspiration for all especially those who face brick walls or setbacks in life.  In 2015 Barton made the reserve offensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns. He didn’t make the final cut for the Browns but that won’t stop Barton from establishing himself as a professional football player.

Barton’s journey to the NFL was never easy. The scars from Barton’s past won’t ever fade. His mother’s death was a shock; his father’s abandonment constantly gut-wrenching; the isolated life he lived inside his Los Angeles apartment while his brother worked the night shift wasn’t a normal childhood.

And his relationship with his dad continue to affect him. Barton hasn’t spoken to his father, Shirley, in years.

In an interview last year for the Cleveland Browns website Brown said…

“My dad stopped being a dad…And I still can’t figure out why…As a kid, you need that emotional stability, he never stepped up and said, ‘Hey, I’m here for you.’ He never talked to us like that. He went to work, took care of his business.”

In an interview with NFL Players Association, Barton opens up about his life. Watch the video below

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Kwame Samuels

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