Meet Blacker Dread, A Jamaican Immigrant, Who Became The Hero of Brixton

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For more 40 years, Steve Burnett-Martin otherwise known as Blacker Dread has been a well known personality in Brixton, UK.

His signature dreadlocks and mix of Jamaican and English accent, makes him noticeable in a crowd or through various street talks in Brixton’s streets.

Today a new BBC documentary, Being Blacker is sharing the spotlight on this Jamaican immigrant.

Who is Blacker Dread?
He migrated to the UK at the age of nine with his family from Jamaica. At first they moved to London and then later settled in a community close to Brixton. For the past 50 years, Blacker Dread has been making Reggae music with some of the world’s best known Reggae artists. He also performed for Nelson Mandela on his state visit to Britain who he met in person.

But it is Blacker Dread’s record shop that many people from across the world were able to interact with this interesting man. He quickly became the voice of Jamaican culture, music and social activism. The emergence of street parties and festivals in the Jamaican community was influenced by Dread’s active involvement. Dread’s was also a strong voice against police brutality and push to strengthen the Caribbean community.

Here is trailer from the documentary.

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