Meet Miguel ‘Steppa’ Williams, A Man On A Mission to Bring Positive Change In Jamaica

Sep 2, 2016
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Miguel ‘Steppa’ Williams is the founder of the Forward Step Foundation. He received the 2015 Commonwealth Caribbean & Americas Youth Worker of the Year award.

He uses music and other creative forms of engagement in prisons and among gangs to promote youth empowerment.

Miguel Williams
JCF Youth Empowerment & Mentorship Camp

Miguel ‘Steppa’ Williams works as a social outreach specialist, adjunct lecturer, motivational speaker, creative writer and dub poet. He is the founder and a director of the Forward Step Foundation, a NGO catering to the needs of high risk youth and communities.

Williams serves as a programmer and life coach in several of Jamaica’s adult and juvenile correctional centers. In addition, he is a behaviour modification trainer who works in areas of community safety and security, gang reduction, re-integration and rehabilitation.

In the video below Steppa explains why he founded the Forward Step Foundation

Steppa is particularly talented at applying creative therapy and the advocacy model in areas of social enterprise development.

Miguel Steppa Williams Performing ‘School Girl’

Do you know a youth worker who is making a positive impact on young people’s lives, their communities and their societies?

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