Meet Milton Tomlinson Who Left Gun Crime Behind To Help Jamaican Youths

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Milton Tomlinson

Several years ago Milton Tomlinson could have been describe as the typical Jamaican gun man, today he is a perfect example of the power of positive change.

Tomlinson got out of gun crime and into the Peace Management Initiative (PMI) where he helps the youths of today realise their potential.

Milton Tomlinson
Milton Tomlinson

‘Before & After’ is his story, the first in a series of films made for the Keep Children Safe Campaign.

Many Jamaican teenagers are experiencing some of the same challenges the Tomlinson faced while growing. In his home community of Mountain View, many teenagers are holding up a mirror to Tomlinson’s own past. It is these Jamaican youths and those of other communities who inspire him to do what has now become a full-time job.

In an interview with UNICEF, Tomlinson said -No youth is irredeemable

“During my time as a youngster my intention was never to get into bad company, but knowing how easy it is to get stigmatised, through my own circumstances – that has what has really motivated me. In every so-called bad person, some good can come from within them. But if you deal with someone based upon just their bad side then you just push them further deeper into that, but try work with the good that’s there and you can turn them around.”


UNICEF Jamaica was established in 1977. UNICEF’s mandate is to support the Government in meeting its commitment to fulfill the rights of Jamaican children – as enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child – and in achieving national goals for development under Vision 2030.

UNICEF does this by working with a wide range of government and non-governmental partners to improve the quality and accessibility of essential services for children, the design of policies and laws intended to protect children’s rights, and the use of research and data that serves children.

Every five years, UNICEF and the Government of Jamaica enter a programme of cooperation based on a thorough situation analysis of the major issues affecting children and their families.

UNICEF provides both technical expertise and financial support to our partners based on this agreement.

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