An Organization Making a Difference in Jamaica

Dec 31, 2014
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Every time I come across an update from Fundamentals for Change, an organization promoting positive changes in Jamaica, I can’t help but admire their dedication and sincerity.

The people behind Fundamentals for Change live miles away in Canada yet they saw the need to make a positive change in the lives of kids in Jamaica. Even more they chose to concentrate their efforts on Riverton City, an inner city community located in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica.

It’s easy to lose hope when it seems the problems in Jamaica are so great. It’s easy to think that positive change is impossible but what I have seen Fundamentals for Change achieved, is the ability to make the children of Riverton City smile. That’s a huge step in making a positive change. It is the first step to giving kids in Jamaica the opportunity to live their lives as children.

Here are a few updates from Fundamentals for Change work in the community of Riverton City

Playground under development

From their photo gallery

According to the Fundamentals for Change website, the organization’s efforts are based on three building blocks;

Alleviating financial stresses of running the school, promotes creative school projects and renovations of the building.

Community Empowerment
Instilling pride, participation and positivity in to the Jamaican community of Riverton. Our organization promotes the Meals for the Elderly Program and the Community Health Clinic.

Provide the children of Riverton, Jamaica, an opportunity to be kids again by organizing outings, funding Sports Days and by funding a playground for the Riverton Early Education Centre.

For more on Fundamentals for Change please visit their website or their Facebook page

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