Rastas Message To The Jamaican Govt, Put Your Two Foot In And Free Up The Herb

Jun 19, 2014
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For years Rastafarians in Jamaican have been calling on the Jamaican government to legalize marijuana aka ganja. With the recent decision by the Jamaican government to decriminalize marijuana, the Rastafarian community is now asking for full legalization.

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Some Jamaicans particularly those from traditional religious groups are against the legalization of ganja. They believe that marijuana should be considered a dangerous drug and therefore the government should treat it as such (cocaine,heroin etc)

Supporters of legalization believe that ganja with its medicinal value, should be accessible to all Jamaicans. However Rastafarians have a different motive from those who see legalization as a business opportunity.

This maybe one of the few cases where “Dem Bobo Dreads (as some Jamaican business people often refer to Rastas in Jamaica) are chanting from the same side of the fence with business interest.

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