Is this Restrain or Abuse? Watch As Jamaican Security Guards Confront Woman Accused of Tourist Harassment

Jun 11, 2014
1 min read
Jamaican woman and Security Guards

TOURIST harassment continues to be a problem in Jamaica. Given the importance of the tourism industry to Jamaica’s economy, the Jamaican government have been trying to solve this problem.

This latest video showing security guards in Ocho Rios confronting a woman accused of harassing a tourist shows how complicated this issue can be.

[youlist vid=”eq2b6ZqhhaI” showinfo=”0″]

I watched this video several times and I simply couldn’t decide whether this was restrain or abuse.

There are several questions that need to be dealt with by the authorities in charge of maintaining some form of order. How should local Jamaicans interact with tourist? Will any interaction be dealt with restrain or lead to abuse of power?

I think most tourist come to Jamaica to not only enjoy the sun and the beach but also to interact with the Jamaican people. While I acknowledge that tourist harassment is a real problem in Jamaica, using a big stick will never solve this problem.  It is time to take a different approach.

Local Jamaicans, especially those selling goods and legitimate services, also have to take some responsibility if they want to treated with respect by police or security guards. Let’s get rid of  the “bad mangoes” and then we can show our visitors the warm and friendly nature of Jamaicans.

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