The Story of A Jamaican Inventor Who Could Change The World

Jul 12, 2015
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Harlo Mayne is an inventor but he may not fit the normal description of what you maybe accustomed to. This Jamaican is self taught and his knowledge of technology in the real world could surpass those with formal training.

In the video below which was aired on a Jamaican local TV, CVM, Mayne explains the value of his most popular invention to date- a system that powers a car using only water.

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Mayne, who is also a 2014 Caribbean Climate Innovation Center (CCIC) Proof of Concept (PoC) winner, took the top prize of JMD750,000 (about USD 7,500)  as Innovator of the Year for his H2-Flex Hydrogen Hybrid Kit.

The project, which was initially entered in the Education, Popularization of Science, Technology and Innovation category of the competition, is a hydrogen-powered generator. The device converts water into 100% pure hydrogen gas on demand. Since no electricity is required in the generation process, it can work in tandem with internal combustion engines to greatly improve fuel efficiency.

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