The Inspiring Journey Of Ricardo Allen-Young Jamaican Businessman

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Three years ago Ricardo Allen earned a Fulbright Scholarship, a prestigious award that many Jamaicans hope to achieve each year. But in 2014, Allen made a bold decision to give up that scholarship.

His decision led to the creation of One-on-One Educational Services Ltd. In that short time period, Allen’s company has grown beyond the shores of Jamaica and now extends across the Caribbean.

Allen’s story has been told and shared many times in the Jamaican media but often times these headlines hide what could be an inspirational message for a kid growing up somewhere in the Caribbean.

I watched two videos of Ricardo Allen and I was impressed with the ability of this young man to bring a maturity that we often see lacking in our elders.

I want to bring to your attention these videos that prove that if opportunities are created across the Caribbean, positive changes are more likely to replace some of the hopelessness that seems to now rule our communities.

In February 2016, Ricardo Allen was selected to participate in the Youth Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI). Here is what he said in an interview with the US Embassy.

In this second video, TV Presenter Ian Boyne, interviewed Allen in 2015. In this 25 minutes interview, Allen talks about his journey.

Moses Jameson

Moses is a Jamaican and loves Reggae Music. He loves sharing his experiences about the Caribbean Culture.

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