These Women in Jamaica Are Survivors, Their Stories Though Painful Offer Hope

Jun 28, 2017
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“My daughter motivates me to push forward, to try to end sexual abuse in Jamaica. I will break the cycle of abuse.”

These are the words of a Jamaican woman who decided to share her story of sexual abuse in this video about how Eve for Life helps girls and young women recover from abuse and empower one another.

Yes, there is never an easy way to talk about this topic especially for these women in Jamaica. Their experiences though painful, provides inspiration and hope.

I think it is important that while we celebrate young Caribbean scientist, athletes with remarkable achievements and other people who have overcome poverty, that we also recognize these young women.

About Eve For Life

EVE For Life was founded in 2008 in response to a dire need for support to women and children living with or affected by HIV and AIDS.

Women in Jamaica face the brunt of the epidemic as caregivers and breadwinners for infected husbands and children. Statistics show that women account for 42 per cent of cases in Jamaica. In the age group15 to 24 years old, infected women more than double the number of men.

Women and children are increasingly seeking psychosocial support and skills to help them to live normal lives. Eve for Life seeks to fill that gap.

EVE for Life was registered in February 2009 as a non- governmental organization (NGO) with charitable status.

Sex Abuse in Jamaica

ince January 2015 at least three girls under 15 years have lost their lives in circumstances related to sexual abuse in Jamaica. Two of the girls were confirmed pregnant and all three were murdered by the perpetrators of the abuse.

There is a need for a greater understanding of the problem of sexual abuse, a recognition of the various forms it takes, and its impact on the thousands of girl children who suffer mental, physical and social damage as a result of this violation of their bodies and spirits.

Thanks to Director: Matthew K Firpo for Magna Carta. #UNICEFstories #ENDviolence #NuhGuhDeh

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