This Jamaican Businessman Is A Multimillionaire But He Still Remembers the Less Fortunate

Jan 27, 2016
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George Yap is a successful Jamaican Businessman. He is the owner and CEO of the multi-million dollar company LEASA located in the Liberty City, Miami, Florida.

Liberty City is a community with extremely high poverty rate. But George Yap is a special member of this community through his heartfelt commitment to helping the less fortunate in and around Liberty City.

The majority of LEASA’s 70 employees are former welfare recipients, high school dropouts and those who were once in the penal system, all of whom Mr. Yap says he wants to “give a second chance.”

In an interview in 2012 (now making its rounds on social media) Yap said.

“A lot of people who live in the inner-city need people to help them also…I got a second chance in my life, but you have to make use of it.  And I teach my workers, if I give you a chance use it wisely.”

Yap knows a lot about staying positive and focus. Almost 40 years ago he  left Jamaica with $50 in his pocket.  He built Leasa Industries with the help of family and friends.

In 2011 he was nominated for the Jamaica Observer Business Leader Award. Here is the video introducing Mr Yap


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