The Tivoli Gardens Enquiry Maybe Heading to the International Criminal Court

Mar 31, 2014
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An enquiry has been called to determine what really happen a few years ago in Tivoli Gardens, a community in Jamaica’s capital. But based on some of the allegations from residents of the community, this may be for the International Criminal Court in Hague.

It was May 2010 when the community of Tivoli Gardens was treated to the sound of the gunfire; for media reports and residents of the community a full blown battle was taking place. The Jamaican security forces including the military went into Tivoli Gardens, JLP strong-hood in search of Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.  The US government has successful sought his extradition to the US on charges of drug trafficking and racketing.

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What transpired in those days has been debated in every detail and from all sides both in Jamaica and abroad. However, as this enquiry begins the emotions and political debate will surely return. Revisiting the allegations of murder and cruelty will likely be hotly debated this time on social media. In a recent newspaper article, there seems to be some indications that the enquiry may set the stage for a case to be taken to the International Criminal Court in Hague which would first for a case coming out of Jamaica.

We recognize the sensitivity of this issue but will surely keep you up to date on this story

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