This Is What Happens When A Group of People Care About Jamaican Youths

Jan 23, 2017
1 min read

Jamaica is not short of organizations trying to solve social issues affecting Jamaican youths. These organizations, nonprofits, schools, faith groups and businesses will offer young people a broad range of options.

I came across an organization that I think has developed an approach that seeks to address the fundamental issues that face many Jamaican youths. The Power To Be International was created in 2009 with the objective to help Jamaican youths discover their potential, through their own efforts.

In what I see as an innovative approach, Power To Be focuses on each child and getting them to believe in themselves.

Here is an video that provides an overview of the organization’s work.

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For more details on The Power to Be International, please visit their website.

Tisha Ricketts

Born and raised in Freeport Bahamas, I am a lover of Caribbean life and all things equal. I believe that someday, the Caribbean will come together as one nation

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