Two Great Inspirations, A Jamaican Mom and Her Son

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Rayon attending 6th form
Rayon attending 6th form

A few months ago we carried this story about this single Jamaican mother who was frustrated with the Jamaican healthcare system. She was looking for HELP, she wanted to save her son’s life and let him realize his dream.

Shortly after the story was published, we received an email from a “concern citizen” accusing us of publicly damaging the credibility of a certain Jamaican doctor (see story). Our response was “let’s help this mother and her son”

Months have passed by and my challenge to this unnamed person has gone unanswered. In those months, this mother and her son Rayon, have faced many challenges and setbacks-yet they continue to be hopeful.

And so I wanted to share a bit of hopeful and inspiring news. In one of her last update she said,

Rayon made us proud in his CXC again…upper 6th form come September

Rayon who was born with a medical condition that could end his life wants to become a medical doctor and help other children with similar conditions. Both Ryan and his mother are inspirations. Even life seems hopeless, they both see hope and a better future. Rayon’s mom has not given up on her son, although the Jamaica healthcare system seems to have given up on them.

But this Jamaican mother needs assistance. Rayon’s school fee is $25,000 (Jamaican dollars) and as a single mom she is struggling to cover the cost of his health care and also find extra money to pay his school fee.

If anyone wishes to help, please feel free to contact us at

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