Update: For This Jamaican Woman and her 3 Kids, Even When Life Seems Hopeless, There is Hope

Sep 19, 2014
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Denise with her children in her new home

I do believe that a story once started doesn’t end and this story proves that even small steps can lead to a positive change. When I wrote about the Jamaican mother with three children and struggling in poverty, I didn’t know her name or the details beyond just watching the video. But readers on our Facebook page took an interest in this story. Many showed sympathy and some even indicated that they were willing to help.

I am happy to announced a positive outcome and I give all the credit to Food For The Poor and our readers who in some small way might have made that difference.

Food For The Poor Inc. Thank you Mycaribbeanscoop for your interest in Denise. We’re happy to report that, through the generosity of our donors, Denise and her family now have a beautiful home. The home provides them with security, shelter and comfort of mind.

Denise with her children in her new home
Denise with her children in her new home

Although I wrote and still believe that she should take some responsibity for her situation, it’s better to save a person from drowning than blame them for not being able to swim. Life sometimes doesn’t work the way we plan and we never know what situation will drag us into poverty or hopelessness. I am truly grateful to our readers and Food for the Poor who through their donors helped Denise and her kids.

Hopefully she takes this as a positive step to make the necessary changes to her life which will help to ensure that her children have a bright and prosperous future.

Original Story:Watch This Video and Tell Me Who Is Responsible For This Jamaican Mother’s Situation

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