Young and Brave-11 Year Old Jamaican Girl Saved The Lives of Two Young Children

Oct 22, 2014
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Would you rush into a burning building to save the lives of two children or would you call for help and wait? If you decided to call and wait for help that’s acceptable but imagine if you are only 10 years old.

Last year, 11 year old Toni Ann Miller, then only 10 years old, was on her way home from school with friends in the Mount Hermon community of St Catherine, Jamaica, when they came upon a burning building.

There were cries for help coming from the building but instead of calling for help and waiting for adults to come to the rescue , Toni-Ann with little or no fear rushed into the burning building. At first she rescued a six year old child and then learning that the child’s younger brother was still inside , she re-entered the burning building bring the other child to safety.

Toni-Ann Miller pictured with  by the Jamaica Fire Brigade Trophy for bravery
Toni-Ann Miller awarded  the Jamaica Fire Brigade Trophy for Bravery

When asked why and how she managed to rush into a burning building, Toni-Ann said, “I saw my father doing it already“. A year and a half ago, Toni-Ann’s father rescued his brother and sister-in-law from a burning building.

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On Monday October 20, 11 Year Old Toni Ann Miller was bestowed with the Badge of Honour for Gallantry at Jamaica’s National Honours and Awards Ceremony held in Jamaica.


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