A Young Kid From Montserrat Proves The Sky is the Limit or Maybe There Is No Limit to Success

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Warren Cassell Jr

Would you imagine an executive chairman of a company to be just 15 years old? Or an eight year old kid from the tiny island of Montserrat starting a business?

Meet Warren Cassell Jr, from the island of Montserrat who at age 15 has shown us that the sky is the limit. Warren is not your average teenager. He is a whiz kid, an author and a black belt in Taekwondo. But he is also humble and it is obvious watching videos of him being interviewed.

Warren started his first business at the age of eight, an age when most kids are preoccupied with toys and just having fun. His business, Emerald Greeting Cards, sold customized greeting cards to Montserratians.

Four years later with the experience of his first business under his belt, Warren launched a web hosting service provider called Chupz Business Solutions. In the video below, you can see a shy and soft spoken Warren, talking about his journey.
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Recognizing the importance of building an investment vehicle, Warren established, The Abella Group, for both private and publicly traded companies. Warren’s strategy mirrors other successful entrepreneurs.

He credits Jamaican Billionaire Michael Lee Chin as an inspiration. Warren wrote in an article on Entrepreneur.com ,

As a teen entrepreneur I look to learn from those who have achieved massive amounts of success. Coming from a small Caribbean island with a population of only 4,000, I know that becoming wealthy is not an easy task but Jamaican billionaire Michael Lee-Chin has proven that it isn’t an impossible one either

But Warren’s success to date did not just happen because of this his brilliance. Warren’s parents were firmly behind him and in fact, his first business was funded by his father and mother. A strong family support sure goes a long way in promoting talent.

There are many Warrens across the Caribbean, some are on their way to success but others will likely need some support to kick start their ideas and dreams. Maybe just maybe that kid could be yours, your relative or a neighbour ! Just encourage them to follow their dreams, the sky’s the limit.

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