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Have We Lost That Caribbean Happy Vibe?

Borrowing from Jay Z song, in the Caribbean we have 99 problems but who ain’t got one. The Caribbean is known not only for its beautiful beaches but also its warm and friendly people. However recently in a number of islands this warm and friendly vibe appears to be fading.

As I watched the Pharrell Williams inspired #Happy videos from across the islands, its hard not to think that somehow we still have that happy spirit in us.

[youlist vid=”pyFLrgrCvdI,-enD_X3GMTc,6bbXoPXHBZg,Io3H9vuTkXo,wVQM8pD4tWE,zFuVo512fsU,X74xvux3OH0,uPHDZ7oshIU,bFugJzhrsUM”]

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