Jemmar Samuels, Award Winning Filmmaker and Activist Talks About Her life

Oct 7, 2020
1 min read
Jemmar Samuels

Jemmar Samuels tells the story of how she went from hating how she looked, to a realisation of the injustices that made her feel that way, to proud acceptance of herself as a beautiful, working class, black young woman.

She is now an activist, working for social justice and inspiring other young people to campaign for the issues that affect their lives.

Who is Jemmar Samuels?

Jemmar Samuels is a 21-year-old Politics and Sociology student and activist from South London. She has a passion for tackling race and gender issues from an intersectional feminist perspective. She is passionate about celebrating and educating people about West Indian history and culture here in the United Kingdom and back home. She is an alumnus of The Advocacy Academy, a member of the Black Cultural Archives Youth Forum and currently represents Girl Guiding on the British Youth Council.

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