The Story Behind New Zealanders of Caribbean Descent

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Caribbean People in New Zealand

Most people from the Caribbean head to North America or UK in search of a better life. So of all the countries in the world, you might be surprise to know that there are New Zealanders of Caribbean descent. While the Caribbean community is not significantly large in population compared to other groups, it is a tightly connected group.

Watch and listen to the stories told by various people from different parts of the Caribbean as they talk about their experiences living in New Zealand. The stories are really an eye opener on how people from the Caribbean are perceived by others.

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Let’s just say not because I am from the Caribbean means that I am selling Marijuana or that Jamaica is the only Caribbean country (I guess the general rule is that if you are from the Caribbean, you are from Jamaica). What was even more surprising was how some New Zealanders know so little about the Caribbean, in one case not knowing the difference between Guyana and Ghana.

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