Sentenced to Death, Linda Carty From St Kitts and Nevis Says She is INNOCENT

Linda Carty

“It is everybody’s worst nightmare to be executed for a crime that they did not commit” says Linda Carty a 56 year old woman who was born in St Kitts and Nevis.

In 2002, Texas court convicted and sentence Carty for kidnapping and murdering her neighbor, Joana Rodriguez in 2001. But Carty has always insisted that she is innocent of the crime.

In the video below Carty talks about her life behind bars, her faith, her innocence and her long wait on death row.

Carty, her lawyers and her supporters contend that she has been unjustly sentenced to death for a murder that she did not commit. Reprieve claims that her defence attorney did not present mitigating evidence.

They assert that no scientific evidence exists that establishes that she was at the scene of the crime, although her fingerprints were found in the car containing the victim’s body. Carty has claimed that she was framed by three men for her work as an informant with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Linda has not yet been given an execution date. Reprieve are continuing to investigate her case in the hope of getting it re-open.

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