Wow This 11 Year Old Kid from St Kitts and Nevis Did Something So Simple Yet Powerful, Amazing!

May 7, 2014
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St Kitts and Nevis Kid

I came across the story of 11 year old Husaené Martin from St Kitts and Nevis whose act of kindness was recognized when she was bestowed with Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams award in April.

I will let Husaené explain in her own words;

 “At Inter-Primary I was running the 800 meters. I looked at the big screen television then I looked back and saw Zwena fall down. I turned back for her and I told her to brush off her clothes. She said she wasn’t going to run again so I told her to run again. I wanted her to place and I myself wanted to place.

I thought about her, she’s my friend and I care about her. I feel if you have a person who you call a friend, you must care about them, love them and treat them well,”

Helping Another Kid

We often focus on the sensation stories and forget that everyday somewhere in the Caribbean something as great as this happens and should be shared.

I want you to share this story as a reminder that all is not lost in the Caribbean, there is still hope.

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