A Young St Lucian Man Appeals For Help To Realize His Dream To Become A Commercial Pilot

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Since the age of 5, St Lucian born Tevin Belasco has always had a passion for aviation.  He did everything possible to realize his dream including volunteering during his summer breaks and on weekends at the airport.

In 2015 Belasco moved to the US to pursue his dreams.  A brief visit to Atlanta GA turned into an unscheduled trip to Falcon Aviation Academy and he decided that this would be the place for him to pursue pilot training.

So far Belasco has obtained his private pilots license and is currently on the instrument rating module. Unfortunately, paying for Commercial flight hours is not an easy task but he has passed the required exams up to this point and he is ready to build his commercial hours. Now he needs more funds to complete his commercial training.


Here is a break down of the cost for remaining courses;
-Time Building $20,000
-Single Engine Commercial $8,000
-Multi- Engine Commercial $5,100
-Certified flight Instructor (CFI) $5,500
Total $38,600

For more details visit Belasco GoFundme Page

Moses Jameson

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