British Author Launches A Captivating Must Read New Book On Life In St Lucia

Mar 7, 2016
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What is life like in St Lucia? A British author decided to take us on that journey.

First-time author Michael Jacques describes his new book, The Fallen Bud: Colin Tennant the Royal Toy Boy Turns Sour, as

“A crazy, provoking epic story full of interesting true stories of the hidden lives of the local residents of a Caribbean town and the people who live in the surrounding villages, not excluding the dark and strange goings-on at the island’s landmark between the twin Piton Mountains. Satirically funny, almost crazy, sometimes sad, a story based on the local history of the people.”  

The fallen Bud will be launched this week.

Micheal Jacques is a St Lucian born British martial arts grand master. He said that the idea to put his thoughts on paper was borne out of his struggles with the Late Scottish peer Lord Glenconner who cheated him out of much of his land in St Lucia.

Jacques whose family comes from the Pitons area of St Lucia said his book The Fallen Bud tells the whole story about his dramatic experience with Princess Margaret’s best friend and confidant Lord Glenconner. ” I have been trying to get my property back for the past 27 years all to no avail as the legal system let me down.

They took the late peer’s side from day one. Lord Glenconner took my land away from me and so I had to do something about it,” Jacques said. 

“I am telling the story of what really went on between Lord Glenconner and myself and how he took what was mine and how I fought back using the courts system to get my property back. I am exposing Lord Glenconner for what he really is and the legal system for the role they played in aiding and abetting. I never got my land back.”

The man in question, the late Lord Glenconner, it is said. Did not have the best of reputations. He is said to have had a string of affairs and frequently lived apart from his long-suffering wife Anne. It is also said that at one dinner party he slapped his wife across the face with a raw fish. 

Shortly before his death three years ago Lord Glenconner, who was once a suitor of Princess Margaret, changed his will and disinherited his family. He left his wealth to Adonai, who had been his loyal manservant for 27 years. According to some the move was the final act of a spiteful and unhinged man.

The Fallen Bud will bring to light many secrets which have been hidden for years. Jacques said, ” The lifestyles and things that were happening in St Lucia back in the day. There were lots of strange happenings and goings-on in the 80’s between Collin Tennant and his gang.”  But the book will not only be about strange goings on and secrets in St.Lucia. “It will also be used to promote his splendid island,” according to Jacques.

He is planning to feature tours to St Lucia, where tourists will visit the many places he writes about in his autobiography. “I would like people to see where I am referring to and to get a feel of what it was like back then to what it is now. St Lucia has changed but we must not forget about the past.”

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