Chef Patricia Pascal Cooks While Giving Back To Young People in St Lucia

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Chef Extraordinaire Patricia Pascal was born in England to St Lucian parents but for the past twenty-odd years she has made St Lucia her home

Apart for the passion for cooking, Chef Patricia Pascal loves to share her cooking skills with young people in St Lucia.

Chef Pat as she is affectionately called in St Lucia, story is an inspiration for young St Lucians. At the age of 6 she wanted to become a Chef but like most Caribbean parents, they expected her to reach for a “higher star”, a lawyer or a doctor would be just fine.

However, Chef Pat felt strongly about her passion and at the age of 16 entered culinary school in England. She excelled in her studies placing at the top of her class.

Years later Chef Pat moved to St Lucia following through with her parents’ dream of moving back to St Lucia, a dream they were unable to fulfill.

But it wasn’t smooth sailing into the Chef’s kitchen. Chef Pat had to overcome several challenges before she was able to rise to the top of her career. Today she is executive chef at Bay Gardens Hotel

Patricia’s view is that once you find a passion for work then this will be transferred to the rest of your life. She sees the art of cooking as a way to help youths overcome violence and anger.

Kwame Samuels

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