Do You See A Woman Prime Minister Of St.Lucia in The Near Future?

Mar 8, 2015
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Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Emma Hippolyte recently said “I believe that there is a possibility that one day St. Lucia can have a woman Prime Minister”.

Is that really possible? Do you see a woman leading our nation in the near future? Or is it just a dream?

Watch as the Acting Prime Minister explains why she think it’s possible.

Unfortunately there is still a widely held belief that women are not suitable for leadership roles in St Lucia.Women have been ostracized for years and those who lived by traditional gender roles were less likely to pursue a career in politics as a result.

It has also been said that ‘bully boys in politics simply cannot handle smart women’ and rightly so. Take the case of Julia Gillard, the 27th Prime Minister of Australia, who was constantly being critized by her male counterparts. She accused Minister Tony Abbott of misogyny and sexism, after crude remarks were hurled at her from him.

Women have indeed come a long way and I believe that given the chance to contribute to the growth of a country, we can make a difference. After all, we do bring half of the world’s talents, perspectives, and skills to the table. It would truly be a turning point in the history of St.Lucia if a woman were to become Prime Minister in the future.

My full support goes to Minister Emma Hippolyte, should she choose to embark on this path in becoming the first woman Prime Minister of St.Lucia.

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