The Extraordinary Life of a 106 year old St.Lucian Woman

The Extraordinary Life of a 106 year old St.Lucian Woman 1

This centenarian Rosita Fevrier, better known as ‘Ma Roda’ celebrated her 106th birthday on March 6th,2015. A resident of waterworks road, Castries and originally from Dennery. Ms Rosita’s oldest son is 89 years old.

Her first appearance on television was at the age of 104 and as customary, a celebration was held at her home where she was surrounded by her family and friends. She was vibrant and full of life then as she is now.

Ms Rosita Fevrier was born on the 6th of March, 1909 in Dennery. She moved to Micoud at an early age to attend school. Ms Rosita says that her mother was the breadwinner of the family and was handicapped, yet, she was still able to provide for her family.

In the video, she says, ” What ever time God has given you, you have. You do not know yourself.”

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Ms Rosita Fevrier still lives and active life and still enjoys doing her household chores around the house, such as cooking and cleaning.

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