The Gros Piton Maybe The Best Reason to Visit St Lucia

Mar 16, 2014
1 min read
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Maybe you haven’t heard about Gros Piton but if you are trying to convince yourself to St Lucia then you should take note. First let’s not assume that everyone even knows St Lucia. The island was named after  Saint Lucy of Syracuse by the French, who were the first settlers and yes this tiny island has a lot to offer.

But taking the Gros Piton Hike, is a trip of a lifetime that even the average traveler should experience. Rising just under 2,700 feet, Gros Piton is one of two mountain that located south of the town Soufrière in the southwest of part of the island. For starters, this is one of the most photographed place in St Lucia and notable the view of the peak is spectacular.

What makes this a great experience is that the average hiker can climb the peak on their own, obvious with some common sense for safety and bring proper equipment.  This is truly a highlight, and iconic part of the landscape of beautiful island of St Lucia and provide a different perspective beyond just sun, sea, sand and beach.


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